Beatitude House strives to offer programs with a focus on betterment of the individual by creating of homes, providing educational opportunities and fostering healthy families. Through the empowerment of the individual, women go on to develop their personal education goals and work to secure and maintain meaningful employment, family stability and continued economic growth.

Creating Homes

Transitional Housing

Our transitional housing program, A House of Blessing, provides a family with a fully-furnished apartment while mothers work on their educational goals and employment. A woman's length of stay is dependent on her needs and progress toward goals. To be eligible, a woman must be homeless according to HUD definition.

A case manager/child advocate and counselors Mother and sonmeet with the mothers on a regular basis to assist them in overcoming the obstacles they face. The program is designed to empower women — giving them the skills and self-esteem they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Permanent Supportive Housing

In addition to the transitional housing program, Beatitude House also offers a permanent supportive housing program. To be eligible, a woman must be homeless with a documented disability.

Women in this program receive regular home visits from a staff member. A lease agreement is arranged by the woman, and if she becomes able to maintain her life without support from Beatitude House, she may leave the program and keep her housing.

To aid women in reaching their goals, this program also offers support services for families, including case management, budgeting, and time management to maintain stability and prevent housing loss.

Providing Educational Opportunities

All of the services Beatitude House offers have a strong focus on education, one of the four values the organization emphasizes.

To assist residents, Beatitude House employs a full-time Career/Education Coordinator who works with clients to create an individual education plan according to each woman's needs and goals. They receive help investigating education programs, filling out school applications, and applying for financial aid.

Additionally, Services for English Language Learners meets the educational needs of varying populations by assisting women whose first language is not English. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered several days a week, and beyond education, women receive outreach services such as fresh food distribution, assistance with scheduling and transportation to appointments, translation, in-home caseworker visits, access to immigration lawyers, and much more.

Fostering Healthy Families

In fostering healthy families, Beatitude House offers programming to teach mothers how to interact in a positive, nurturing way with their children particularly through participation in educational, enrichment, and socialization activities. All of this is done in an atmosphere of love and respect to facilitate the best results.

Our Case Manager/Child Advocates work to meet the individual needs of each child at Beatitude House. They ensure all children are assessed and, if necessary, receive services such as counseling, tutoring, and school intervention.

Children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment activities. From music lessons, and art classes, to attending summer camps or joining sports teams, Beatitude House strives to provide children with the opportunity to develop into well-rounded, confident individuals.

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