Immigrant Outreach Program

Classes and Educational Programs for Women

Courses and Enrichment to Achieve Success

Our Immigrant Outreach Program provides English as a second language classes (ESL), offering babysitting services during the ESL classes to make it easier to participate, tutoring school age children of non-English speaking homes to help them adjust, connecting college age mentors with students as needed, and providing enrichment opportunities.


Women Attended English Classes


Improvement in Basic English Test Scores

Children Served

Program Volunteers totaling over 1,300 volunteer hours

*2019-2020 Beatitude House Statistics

Classes Offered


English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are offered several days a week with personalized instruction to help adult participants with reading, writing, conversation and life skills. Childcare services are also offered, free of charge, during the ESL classes to make it easier to participate.

In addition, our child mentoring program includes tutoring and companionship for children who come from immigrant families. Many children of ESL students are at-risk in school due to language barriers. From music lessons and art classes to attending summer camps or joining sports team, Beatitude House strives to provide children with the opportunity to develop into well-rounded, confident individuals.



Beyond Education


Beyond the educational component, this program also offers significant outreach and enrichment for non-native English speaking families. This includes fresh food distribution, assistance with scheduling and transportation to appointments, translation, in-home caseworker visits, access to immigration lawyers, GED’s, driver’s license and help with citizenship testing.