The Ursuline Sisters Scholar program of Beatitude House recently received a grant of $10,000 from the Walter E. and Caroline H. Watson Foundation.

The Walter E. and Caroline H. Watson Foundation, established in 1964, focuses its efforts on institutions of learning within the Youngstown and Mahoning Valley area, with an emphasis on child development and youth agencies as well as community development; health and family services; and arts and cultural programs.

These funds will be used to support the Ursuline Sisters Scholars program to help with mentoring and training programs as well as other support services. Funds available through this grant will be used to provide monthly gift cards and financial assistance with school-related items such as books, lab fees, and scrubs. In addition, students may request assistance for emergencies such as a car repairs or other emergencies that may impact their ability to continue their education.

“The pandemic has put our students in an even more vulnerable situation,” said Emily Moran, the Director of the Ursuline Sisters Scholars program. “This funding will help us to continue to provide programming, mentorship, case management, and financial assistance to our students. Ultimately, this will help keep our students in school so that they can better provide for themselves and their children.”